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Determine the facts and protect your organization from legal risk.

ZyLAB ONE is the #1 rated end-to-end eDiscovery platform built for today's legal professionals and digital investigators.


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ZyLAB Legal Discovery Workflow

What is ZyLAB ONE?

 ZyLAB ONE is the complete end-to-end eDiscovery solution that helps you uncover and review critical information buried within your organization’s documents and files. Legal teams use ZyLAB ONE to resolve complex internal investigations, tackle regulatory requests, meet data privacy obligations, and perform smart eDiscovery for litigation readiness.

How does ZyLAB ONE work?

9. Cloud Connect 9. Cloud Connect 7. Drag-and-Drop Upload

Connect ZyLAB ONE to your office application suite.

Import your documents and emails into the platform or connect ZyLAB ONE to your organization's office suite. 


Connect directly to your office application suite

Connect, search, and collect information directly from office suites like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Workspace.


Upload your files easily and securely

Upload your files in our secure cloud-based platform: supports over 600 file formats.

Legal Discovery Workflow Entity Search Filter 12. Search Legal Discovery Workflow Entity Search Filter

Search and find relevant information.

Accelerate your search for related content in documents and perform quality control during your investigation.


Accelerate your document search and quality control

Save time when searching for documents with similar content with AI Assisted Review. Perform quality control at the end of your discovery workflow to find any documents that were missed.


Unpack, enrich, and analyze any data file type

Analyze virtually any data file type - from unsearchable PDFs, metafiles, to audio and video files with ZyLAB's powerful processing technology.

6. Document Access Control 10. De-duplication 5. Document Review Pane 6. Document Access Control 6. Document Access Control

Process and review large volumes of information

Process and review large volumes of documents and emails and automatically remove redundant information. 


Remove duplicates & automatically organize your files

Deduplicate your data so you don’t waste time reviewing it. Automatically organize your files by type, date, custodian and more.


Review only relevant documents and zoom in on the evidence

Zoom in on the evidence that matters faster with options for tagging, near-duplicate detection, and reviewer remarks.


Collaborate with internal & external parties in one platform

Assign documents to collaborators, add remarks, and track audit trails of fellow reviewers to speed up the review process.


Maintain full control over access rights and document security

Collaborate with your team or with outside counsel on a highly secure platform with document access management.

14. Unpack Containers 14. Unpack Containers 11. Redaction 14. Unpack Containers 11. Redaction

Produce legally defensible and compliant documents


Ensure full legal defensibility of your files and documents

Sample your search through AI - assisted review to ensure full legal defensibility of your documents and files.


Protect sensitive information with manual and auto redaction

Apply redactions manually by dragging and dropping a pane over the sensitive information, or automatically based on a search.


Automatically classify data for review

ZyLAB ONE automatically classifies data by type, date range, source and many more variables, for early case assessment and review.


Easily redact documents and share them externally

Apply redactions on specific documents and share with external partners, with no need to go through the whole production process.

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