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ZyLAB Legal Discovery Workflow

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ZyLAB Legal Discovery Workflow For De-duplication 10. De-duplication 3. Facet Dashboard ZyLAB Legal Discovery Workflow For De-duplication

Assess legal data in a fraction of the time.

Easily weed out documents that are not relevant for further review, and kick-start your legal discovery with our extensive data navigation capabilities.


De-duplicate & organize data

Start with deduplicating your data so you don’t waste time reviewing them. Automatically organize your data by type, date, custodian and more.


Visual browsing

Get a high-level overview of your dataset, and find cues for further investigation.


Tag for further review

Bulk-tag or apply custom tags to documents that need further review. Easily assign data to collaborators to speed up the review process.

Legal Discovery Workflow Entity Search Filter 12. Search Legal Discovery Workflow Entity Search Filter Legal Discovery Workflow Entity Search Filter

Search legal data efficiently.

Every legal discovery workflow is unique and requires different ways to search data. Our platform’s extensive search capabilities support your research in every possible way.


Search for specific keywords

Begin your search by searching for a specific keyword and find all the documents where those exact words, phrases or wildcards are used.


Find patterns & sensitive information

Find more relevant documents in your data. Expand your search to patterns, for example, credit card numbers or close look-alikes.


Reduce noise in search results

To reduce noise in your search results, you can specify your search to concepts, such as ‘person’ or ‘location’. This will drastically reduce the documents for review and save you time.

Legal Discovery And Document Review Pane Legal Discovery And Document Review Pane Legal Discovery And Document Review Pane 6. Document Access Control

Review legal data as a team.

Collaborate with other reviewers and maximize your review efficiency.


Document review

Navigate through the documents and threads. Tag the documents with custom tags, review collaborators’ remarks and audit trials.


Review audio and video

Navigate easily through your audio and video files as if they were documents. All with the help of auto-transcription.


Control document access

Give outside firms and vendors access to ZyLAB so you retain control of your data at all times.

Legal Discovery Workflow For Production And Reporting Of Data 11. Redaction Legal Discovery Workflow For Production And Reporting Of Data Legal Discovery Workflow For Production And Reporting Of Data

Protect your results and produce findings.

Finalize your legal discovery workflow by redacting sensitive data, and produce evidence with an audit trail.


Redact sensitive information easily

Redact sensitive information, manually or automatically, based on keywords or concept search.


Production reporting

Save time with help of a documents index that is automatically being created while you work. An index that can easily be imported into other parties’ databases and allows them to search and filter your documents.


Audit trail & defensibility

Ensure your consistent, gap-free sequences of evidence with bates numbers labelling and audit trails.

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