Minimize regulatory impact

Respond faster to Freedom of Information requests and speed up regulatory investigations to minimize impact.

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11. Redaction 11. Redaction 11. Redaction 11. Redaction

Reduce risk and speed up FOI response

Respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests faster and prevent inadvertent data leakage in your responses

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Manage Freedom of Information workflows

Efficiently collaborate with others and manage your Freedom of Information workflow centrally in one place.


Easily anonymize sensitive FOI data

Save time and reduce errors by blacklining sensitive data automatically. So only need-to-know information is visible.


Automatically find look-a-likes

Perform quality control and find other documents with sensitive data with AI - assisted review.

10. De-duplication 10. De-duplication 10. De-duplication

Drive regulatory investigations faster and with less risk

Get to the root of an investigation faster with less resources to limit disruption. 

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Get actionable insights in minutes

Collect data and get instant insights to jumpstart your internal investigation.


Find the smoking gun

Skip the review. Find unknown patterns and zoom in on the evidence faster.

1. Entity Search 1. Entity Search 1. Entity Search 1. Entity Search

Handle data privacy compliance with ease

Protect your regulated data and ensure compliance.

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Faster DSAR delivery at lower costs

Avoid disruption of your organization and deliver Data Subject Access Requests faster and at lower costs.


Reduce the impact of data breaches

Meet legal reporting deadlines within 72 hours and at lower costs.


Recurring GDPR compliance checks

Easily scan your organization's data for sensitive information.


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