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ZyLAB One eDiscovery

Smart eDiscovery Platform

The #1 rated smart eDiscovery platform that helps to automate eDiscovery and PRR processes with artificial intelligence.

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ZyLAB ONE's best-of-breed features

Get Started right away

The simple to use intuitive interface lets you start right away. Upload your data and start your review. Leverage the productivity tools such as dual monitor support, visual query builder and tagging features to perform your tasks more efficient.

Powerful Analytics

With advanced analytics, structural and semantic insights are discovered and presented to users to allow them to make strategic decisions based on facts instead of guesses.

Search & Assisted Review

Find the relevant documents fast using the simple to use and extensive search capabilities or use the Assisted Review option to leverage machine learning technology to find your relevant document based on just a few samples.

Automated redaction

In addition to manual redaction of sensitive information, common and known sensitive data can be easily redacted throughout the entire matter automatically just with a few clicks.

Self-Service production

After reducing or even eliminating tedious, manual labor for collecting and reviewing the documents, you can produce your documents in various formats.

Hold notifications

Start your process with informing your contacts and placing them on hold. Contacts will receive hold notifications and can accept the hold notification to confirm that they have seen and understood the notification.

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ZyLAB ONE in action

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Securely upload your documents to the ZyLAB One environment with your standard browser or connect directly to the locations where your documents reside such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.

ZyLab One - eDiscovery software as a solution (saas)

Process & Analyze

Once your data is uploaded, ZyLAB One will process all your information in such a way that all information becomes available for investigation or review purposes. Image files will be OCRed, email conversations are analyzed, compound formats are extracted and many more actions are performed on your data to get the highest possible recall.

ZyLAB ONE brings a wealth of data science R&D to the table. Using advanced analytics, structural and semantic insights are presented to users, allowing them to make strategic decisions based on facts.

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The dashboard provides immediate insight in the collected and processed data and can be used for early case assessment or used as a starting point for more thorough investigation of your data. With the deep search engine you can also create your own simple or advanced searches to find person names or look for more advanced patterns such as compliance patterns for trading and more. You can even execute hundreds of searches at once and analyze the results. The advanced search helps you to quickly find specific documents.

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Documents are reviewed and over 750 formats are supported. You can quickly navigate through the document and tag or label them with the proper coding. Review must be as efficient as possible so documents are loaded quickly and functionality such as dual screen support make sure that you reviewers can work efficiently.

When needed the Assisted Review option will help you identify quickly the responsive documents leveraging the latest machine learning technology speeding up your process even more.

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After you’ve finished the review documents can be produced in various formats with different types of load files. A variety of configurations is available to support the proper load file format such as Concordance or EDRM XML.

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