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9. Cloud Connect 9. Cloud Connect 9. Cloud Connect

Make data collection a breeze.

Select and import data directly from the source or via direct upload.


Secure, drag-n-drop browser file upload

Drag and drop your files in our secure, online portal with support for 600+ file formats.


Direct connection with various repositories

Connect and collect data directly from Microsoft Office 365 and Google suites.

4- Assisted Review-cropped-1 4- Assisted Review-cropped-1 4- Assisted Review-cropped-1

Accelerate search and quality control.

Use the power of AI to accelerate your search for coherence in documents and perform quality control during your investigation.


AI - Assisted Review

Save time by training AI - Assisted Review, so you can find more documents with similar content. Perform quality control at the end of your discovery workflow to find any documents that were missed.


Sampling for legal defensibility

Sampling for legal defensibilitySample the search by AI - assisted review to ensure full legal defensibility.

10. De-duplication 10. De-duplication 10. De-duplication 10. De-duplication

Assess legal data in a fraction of the time.

Easily weed out documents that are not relevant for further review, and kick-start your legal discovery with our extensive data navigation capabilities.


De-duplicate & organize data

Start with deduplicating your data so you don’t waste time reviewing them. Automatically organize your data by type, date, custodian and more.


Visual browsing

Get a high-level overview of your dataset, and find cues for further investigation.


Tag for further review

Bulk-tag or apply custom tags to documents that need further review. Easily assign data to collaborators to speed up the review process.

A platform based on the highest security standards in the world.

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