Our highly automated end-to-end software solution uses Artificial Intelligence and data science tools to accelerate fact-finding missions along the typical dimensions: Who, When, Where, Why, What, How and How Much

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Let's start with a short overview of ZyLAB ONE

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Collect or upload data & process instantly

Actionable data can be scattered on corporate mail servers, network file services, mobile phones, databases, even social media sites. ZyLAB ONE makes the challenge of finding and collecting data that is responsive to a matter simple. 

  • Directly collect from on-premises or cloud-based repositories
  • Allows users to quickly upload relevant content
  • Deep processing of over 700 file formats (documents, emails, forensic images, audio/video)
  • Unpack container objects and compressed files
  • OCR non-searchable content automatically
  • DeNIST, deduplicate & identify near duplicates
  • Leverage multi-language support
  • Conversational email threading
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Early case assessment: analyze, filter and review

The ability to determine the best legal strategy for any case is based on what data is presented to you, how quickly you can access it and how easily can you consume it. From simple Early Case Assessment to full document review, ZyLAB ONE provides a variety of tools to aid with the efficient use of the data involved. 

  • Early case assessment - Interactive matter dashboards and visual analytics provide an immediate way to cull datasets down to just what is relevant to your matter.
  • Batch search – Allows you to run hundreds of queries at the same time to find what keywords produce the best results.
  • Advanced tagging and document workflow - Easy to use tagging palettes and logic designed to streamline and speed up the review process while protecting against inconsistencies. Documents can be secured to only specific users for advanced review.
  • Data enrichment – Metadata of documents can be enhanced through entity extraction (people, places, organizations, etc.) mined from the body text of documents.
  • Integrated machine translation allows for the conversion of documents to/from English and over 120 languages bidirectionally.
  • Audio search – provides the ability to search phonetically in audio recordings and in the audio component of video files.

Reporting - Pre-defined reports on documents, reviewer actions, privilege logs and more can all be run right from the interface and exported to any format

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Auto-identify sensitive data & auto-redact

While it is critical to make sure all the requested records are collected, equally problematic is inadvertently releasing sensitive information. The volume is often so large, and time and resources are scarce, it is not just time-consuming to review all the records, it may be impossible to do it manually. ZyLAB ONE solves these problems. 

  • Automatic document classification: ZyLAB ONE can classify documents in a variety of ways, whether it is by file type, document type, email category (social, business, commercial, legal, etc.), department, or any number of other categories and classifications.

  • Automatically identify potentially sensitive: During processing, ZyLAB ONE can identify records containing potentially sensitive or privileged information. By automatically applying tags, the review process can be greatly accelerated.

  • Auto-redaction: Though you can manually redact sensitive information, common and known sensitive data can be automatically redacted throughout the entire matter with a few clicks.

Data Science and Visualizations for Decision Support

Manual review is time-consuming and expensive.  Assisted review based on machine learning is a proven and defensible approach to speed up review by a factor of ten while reduce costs and increasing quality.  ZyLAB brings a wealth of data science R&D to our intuitive platform. By using advanced analytics, both structural and semantic insights are discovered and presented to users in order to allow them to make strategic decisions based on facts instead of guesses.


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  • Assisted review for Smart Fact Finding: ZyLAB ONE provides multiple uses cases beyond just finding all responsive documents without having to review all documents. By elevating the most important or relevant documents first, ZyLAB ONE allows you to perform Priority Review; Intelligent Search allows you to use assisted review as a more-robust search assistant; and Quality Control allows you to take a set of reviewed documents and make sure that you haven’t missed anything.
  • Multiple protocols and multiple issues: ZyLAB ONE Assisted Review can utilize TAR 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 protocol to allow the training of multiple issues within the same project.
  • Topic modeling - ZyLAB ONE’s best-of-breed machine learning capabilities also include the ability to visually identify grouped issues which may be of critical interest in a matter. These topics can be reviewed as a set or used to create predictive coding issues.
  • Analytics for decision support – named-entity extraction for categories such as PERSON, COMPANY, ORGANIZATION, and many more; email thread analysis, one-on-one email detection, sentiment mining and a variety of other analysis for decision support.
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Deep search with an easy interface for legal and investigative professionals

ZyLAB’s own indexing engine can index up to TBs of data per day and supports access to over 750 different file formats. As of 1983, ZyLAB has been a leader in legal and investigative full-text search offering industry standard search functionality but also unique operators such as our fast and world-famous fuzzy, quorum, wildcard, proximity, phrase and regular expression searches. In addition, ZyLAB allows searching on numeric ranges, dates, file names, and to use text delimiters to define key fields and text ranges on the fly. These extensive search capabilities combined with our fast multi-threaded and distributed indexes will help to find relevant information faster than any other tool on the market. Hits of your search are highlighted on every document even when these are originally image based.

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Self-service production

After reducing or even eliminating tedious, manual labor for collecting and reviewing the documents, ZyLAB One technology can assist with producing the documents.   

  • Production wizard - Documents can easily be exported with options for output formats such as searchable PDF, TIFF images, native files, extracted text and a wide variety of load file formats.
  • Easily accessible – Once complete, production sets can be downloaded as a compressed ZIP right to the user’s workstation.

The ZyLAB technology stack that fully supports EDRM