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ZyLAB to attend BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020

ZyLAB will attend and sponsor the BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020 conference at Leiden, the Netherlands. BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020 is a two-day joint conference combining the 32nd Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 29th Belgian Dutch Conference on Machine Learning into a single event.

Held at Leiden University, the conference includes speakers, research presentations, and demonstrations. The conference allows business leaders and academics to interact with and learn from each other.

In addition to a long-standing collaboration with Leiden University, ZyLAB’s data science team has made consistent contributions to the BNAIC conference. Regarding ZyLAB’s decision to sponsor this years’ joint conference, ZyLAB’s Chief Strategy Officer Johannes C. Scholtes stated: “ZyLAB is very pleased to sponsor BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020, organized at Leiden University. Over the years, we have successfully collaborated in several projects with researchers from the Dutch-Belgian Artificial Intelligence community. We look forward to another great event in Leiden this November!”

BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020 will be taking place on November 19th-20th, and offers a hybrid format with both on-site and on-line participation options. All presentations and the actual conference will be streamed live throughout. For more information, please consult: https://bnaic.liacs.leidenuniv.nl/

About ZyLAB

Founded in 1983, ZyLAB is a proven solution partner to legal professionals in corporations, law firms and governments worldwide. Its flagship solution, ZyLAB ONE is an end-to-end eDiscovery system used to facilitate information requests in litigation, regulatory responses, internal investigations and public records. For more information, please visit www.zylab.com.

ZyLAB Data Science Team's contributions to BNAIC

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Borggrewe, K. and Scholtes, J.C. (2016). Domain-Independent Method for Entity Resolution by determining Textual Similarities with a Support Vector Machine. Benelux Artificial Intelligence Conference (BNAIC), 2016.Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 10-11, 2016.

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