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ZyLAB expands presence in the Nordics by collaborating with eDiscovery Execution

ZyLAB today announces its partnership with eDiscovery Execution, a leading provider of eDiscovery implementation, project management and consulting services in Denmark.

Press release eDiscovery ExecutioneDiscovery Execution supports corporations, law firms and public organizations to meet their requirements for advanced eDiscovery and investigations by providing support in the implementation and use of eDiscovery platforms.

“We are looking to expand the support for our offering in the Nordic region. Partnering with an established, knowledgeable and well-connected consulting firm like eDiscovery Execution, strengthens our ability to provide ZyLAB users with the best possible advice and support,” says Dennis van der Veeke, CEO of ZyLAB.

Both ZyLAB and eDiscovery Execution see a growing need of eDiscovery technology for organizations to deal with evolving challenges caused by more, stricter and increasingly complex regulatory oversight and data privacy laws and the demand for more transparency into governmental activities and business operations.

Henrik Jørgensen of eDiscovery Execution: “With this partnership, we can now offer our customers access to ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery to facilitate fact-finding missions through electronic datasets related to the business-critical projects.”

LegalTech workshop on February 4

On February 4, ZyLAB and eDiscovery Execution organize a practical workshop to demonstrate the power of LegalTech first hand. We start with a short introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in eDiscovery and then let participants experience themselves how Technology Assisted Review (TAR) speeds up the review process and improves the quality of the review.

Legal professionals are welcome to join us for a morning of practical insights and learn how to “review half a million documents between coffee and lunch".

Registration is now open.

About eDiscovery Execution

We support Corporations, and Public organizations in meeting their need for advanced eDiscovery and investigations, as well as innovative and efficiency seeking law firms.

Providing support in the implementation and use of eDiscovery platforms, Project management and Consulting.

Giving access to the world’s leading Video discovery and analytics platform AvidBeam, and Partnering with ZyLAB – a Gartner top rated eDiscovery platform, please visit https://ediscoveryexecution.com/