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ZyLAB continues to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner status

AMSTERDAM - ZyLAB has once again renewed and expanded its status as a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. The certification reinforces ZyLAB's expertise and relationship with Microsoft to our customers. The benefits provided through the Gold Certified status allow us to continue to enhance the offerings we provide to our customers.

As part of the requirements for attaining Gold Certified Status, ZyLAB had to declare a Microsoft Competency. Microsoft Competencies are designed to help differentiate a partner's capabilities with specific Microsoft technologies to customers looking for a particular type of solution. Every competency has a unique set of requirements and benefits, formulated to accurately represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology industry.

Microsoft Gold Partner Certificate renewals

As of March 2021, ZyLAB has renewed its Gold partnership status for Microsoft Application Development Competency, which recognizes the skill, and focus we bring to our solution. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners that obtain this competency have demonstrated a successful record of developing software based on Microsoft technologies. ZyLAB’s software developers go through a set of exams and certifications in the field of Web application development, latest Microsoft technologies, latest Azure technologies, services & security.

Furthermore, ZyLAB has also renewed its Gold certificate for Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency. This certificate proves our Cloud Platform competency and in-depth knowledge on the subject, showing our experience in delivering robust, scalable and secure cloud solutions utilizing the latest of Microsoft’s Azure technologies. ZyLAB’s DevOps teams are taking part in the Microsoft certification program focusing on Azure technologies.

Microsoft Partner Certificate expansion

In addition to renewing those existing certifications, ZyLAB has also achieved new competencies as of March 2021: 

Microsoft Application Integration (Gold) - The Application Integration competency recognizes partners and developers who integrate unique applications and solutions into various products across the Microsoft ecosystem with the following focus areas: Azure, Windows server, SQL server and C#.

Microsoft Security (Silver) - The  security competency recognizes partners that have met the latest security compliance and regulation standards. Partners with this certification are best prepared to help customers comply with security and compliance regulations, protect information, implement identity and access management and defend against cyber-security threats.

Microsoft is making sure to continuously update the requirements for each competency program, in some cases even decommission certain programs and create newer, more up to date, competencies that reflect the cutting edge of Microsoft technologies. ZyLAB has been investing in those competency programs and have obtained a Gold status in various programs since 2006. We are proud in the knowledge and expertise our software developers maintain and grow in the Microsoft landscape!