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Intelligent Voice brings Audio Review to ZyLAB’s eDiscovery platform

Annelore van der Lint
October 23 2019
Intelligent Voice



ZyLAB and Intelligent Voice are delighted to announce their partnership to integrate speech review into ZyLAB’s eDiscovery platform. 

IV’s solution is already successfully helping law firms and government agencies around the world to ingest, transcribe, analyse and review vast amounts of audio, in a secure environment, freeing up valuable lawyer time and cutting down on costs. By providing connectors and APIs to ZyLAB’s legal platform, IV’s solutions make audio review as easy as reviewing any other document.

The IV software lets users ingest and search vast quantities of audio securely using its unique ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms. Working across more than a dozen languages and dialects, IV’s market leading SmartTranscript™ technology cuts review time by 70%.

Yaron Goldstein, CTO of ZyLAB: “Audio files and video recordings are making up for a large part of the data that needs to be reviewed in legal fact-finding missions. The integration of IV's speech review software in our eDiscovery platform allows our customers to directly review these video and audio files, saving them valuable time in the review process.”

“We believe that ZyLAB’s approach to audio and video review places them in a leadership position in the eDiscovery space, and we are delighted to be working with them,” says Nigel Cannings, CTO


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