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  • ACEDS Benelux Chapter organizes unique panel discussion on regulator's search queries
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ACEDS Benelux Chapter organizes unique panel discussion on regulator's search queries

ACEDS Benelux chapter forms first professional eDiscovery community in the region 

0068 - ACEDS Logo - General UseOn September 11th the ACEDS Benelux Chapter is bringing together a panel of five seasoned investigative experts at the offices of Loyens & Loeff in Amsterdam. Using their experience in their own field, the specialists will discuss the key questions in every regulative information request: what do regulators seek, and how do they go about finding it? The session is freely accessible following registration.  

Panel of experts discuss the first ten search queries of the regulator 

The educational session is organized for the benefit of legal professionals dealing with an ever-growing amount of requests for information related to fiscal, environmental, privacy, finances, or health matters. During the session, participants will learn from the experts how regulative investigations are done, and how one can be prepared for the questions that come with them 

The five expert investigators will explain how regulators go about answering questions such as: what persons are relevant to their investigation? Is management involved? What happened exactly? When did these events occur and how did they unfold? 

The panel  

Bart Bruin is a co-founder and director of the forensic investigative bureau Integris. Bart is an experienced forensic accountant, who has performed a broad range of integrity and security investigations for a litany of clients. 

Robin Fiolet, criminologist and forensic investigator of law firm Loyens and Loeff. Robin is a member of the Litigation & Risk Management practice group. He specializes in advising on and executing (internal) forensic investigations into corporate fraud. Robin is a member of the Corporate Investigations team. 

Marc Wiggers is a lawyer at Loyens & Loeff.  Marc is a member of the Competition & Regulatory practice group. He specializes in EU (Dutch and European) competition and healthcare law. Marc has broad experience litigating in this area, for instance in cartel (damages) proceedings. He gives advice on the application of competition rules (cartel prohibition, ban on abuse of dominance, prohibition on state aid and merger control) and the regulatory framework for the Dutch healthcare sector. His other areas of expertise include supervision of competition and healthcare authorities, corporate investigations and compliance. 

Ronald van Vliet is a digital forensic researcher for the Dutch Healthcare Authority. He’s also been attached to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Opportunities as a forensic ICT specialist. Ronald is very experienced in using a variety of technical tools to assist with big data investigations by regulators. 

Jan Scholtes is a professor at the University of Maastricht and leads the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team at ZyLAB. Jan was a lieutenant with the intelligence service of the Royal Dutch  Navy, and has been involved with the application of eDiscovery software during the UN War Crime Tribunals, the FBI’s Enron investigations and the White House, as well as many other investigations worldwide. 

Register now for this unique panel discussion on September 11th. Membership of ACEDS is not required for entry. Session will be in Dutch