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Free Trial - ZyLAB One eDiscovery Software for Law Firms, Corporations & Government Agencies
Start with a free trial of ZyLAB ONE.

ZyLAB gives you access to a trial version tailored to your needs based on the details you provide below:

  • We will start to prepare your account
  • Contact you to align on expectations
  • Get prepared and watch the onboarding video's 

Talk to ZyLAB

Talk to ZyLAB eDiscovery Software Sales Team
We are still researching, so let's chat.

ZyLAB will provide you relevant answers and information, based on the details you provide during the chat.

What happens next?

How can we help you achieve your goals

After  you filled in the form, you will receive an email which explains the next steps. An expert will contact you to discuss your goals and how to achieve them.

Let's make sure we help you get where you want to be

Based on the information you provide our experts, we will ensure we will help you getting more insight on what ZyLAB can do for you!

Continuous support to help you thrive with ZyLAB

Getting the most out of our software isn't hard, but we still want to make sure you don't run into any issues while you're trying us out. 

Here's what you get

Tell us what you need, and we'll tell you how we'll help you

Can I use my own data on the free trail environment?

A free trial consist of a ZyLAB account filled with sample data to which you have access as long as you want. We won't charge you a dime, that is until you put your own data in! 

Will the demo show me the solution to my problem?

We value your time, and believe that the best way to show you the benefits of using our software is to show it to you in action. That means that prior to the actual demo, we'll discuss your challenges, and make sure that we address these during the demonstration.

Can you provide me with best practices?

Of course! We've been around for 35 years, so you'll have to try pretty hard to come up with a challenge we haven't seen in some way, shape or form yet. It goes without saying that we'd love to share our expertise and experience with you. 

How long do I need to wait?

Not long at all: after receiving your details, we will contact you to ensure we are on the same page. After that, we'll get you going in no time flat. 

Not quite ready yet? 

We'll provide you an information package free of charge