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About Us

A story almost 40 years in the making

At ZyLAB we believe that technology can be leveraged to perform legal discovery with more speed, defensibility and depth. It's been almost 40 years since we began our journey to realizing that vision, and it continues to this day. Over the years, our solutions have grown from relatively simple indexing to complex AI-driven projects. 
The story of ZyLAB starts in 1983. At the time, we entered the market as a pioneer: we were the first full-text retrieval software for the PC. Indexing was the name of the game at the time, and we were amongst the first solutions to offer it. 
As time passed we continued down our path, which led us from retrieval through indexing to AI-assisted eDiscovery. Though the tools and technologies we use are almost unrecognizable, the end goal remains the same: lightening the load of legal professionals. 
In joining IPRO, ZyLAB's best-of-breed legal hold and eDiscovery analytics integrates directly with IPRO flexible and scalable software, for an end-to-end eDiscovery experience. ZyLAB will continue to have a local market presence in EMEA, and serve our customers from the office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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About Us

EMEA Executive Team

“As Managing Director I'm responsible general P&L and business operations of EMEA. In my role as CTO I'm responsible for ZyLAB R&D, Cloud Ops & IT departments, Product management and technical partnerships. ”

Yaron Goldstein

Managing Director & CTO

“As VP Sales I'm responsible for sales, business development and partnerships in EMEA and APAC.”

Lennert Hoogvliet

VP Sales

“As VP Operations, I'm responsible for the delivery of professional services and support to ZyLAB clients worldwide.”

André Reuvers

VP Operations

“As VP Marketing EMEA I'm responsible for brand awareness, demand generation and communication to prospects and customers in the EMEA region.”

Reyndert Coppelmans

VP Marketing


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