Contract Discovery & Review
for M&A - Corporations

Automated Contract Discovery and Review for M&A – CORPORATE

Using automated contract discovery and review to complete a Virtual Data Room (VDR) and minimize manual due diligence drastically speeds up the M&A process and gives you more control over the content of the data at an early stage.


  • Quickly and easily prepare documents for initial filings and to answer second requests related to obtaining permission to merge from regulators.
  • Minimize liabilities and risks by increasing the accuracy of the extracted information; prevent human error and other potentially costly mistakes.
  • Protect intellectual property, confidential information or privacy sensitive information by (auto) redaction and the use of pseudonyms, but keep the flexibility to disclose information in other phases of the M&A process.
  • Achieve faster and more cost effective pro-active audit related to potential violations of FCPA, Export control or if responding to additional regulatory requests when seeking permission to merge.