eDiscovery in the Age of Data Privacy

With the implementation of the GDPR, the adoption of the CCPA, and the introduction of more privacy laws throughout the United States and around the world, privacy concerns now are an integral part of eDiscovery. Data privacy and eDiscovery easily can collide. Three common times this happens are when conducting internal investigations, when responding to regulatory requests, and in civil litigation when operating under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and their counterparts.

In this whitepaper, EDRM Co-Founder George Socha helps investigators navigate these new laws, formulating best practices to ensure investigations can be as effective as possible without Data Privacy issues. 

  1. How to ensure the integrity and security of data

  2. How to use eDiscovery to effectively protecting sensitive data

  3. eDiscovery best practices for internal investigations, regulatory responses, and in civil litigation
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