The Ultimate Guide To Defensible Legal Hold

Some 95% of companies are still manually creating, sending, and tracking emails, on top of other cumbersome processes, to issue and manage holds. This traditional approach to legal holds is risky and highly inefficient.

Legal hold technology can save you time and a lot of headaches. But where do you even start? What is Legal Hold technology?

In this white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Defensible Legal Hold, we cover the basics of a legal hold, how to master best practices, and dive into how automated legal hold can help you achieve a defensible and repeatable process.

Why the Ultimate Guide to Legal Hold?

  1. Learn the best way to overcome Legal Hold challenges
  2. Discover tools that make the Legal Hold process easier
  3. Learn best practices for drafting holds, strategies for ensuring compliance, and mitigating risks
The Ultimate Guide To Defensible Legal Hold

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