On-demand webinar: Useful techniques for FOI practitioners to optimize their review and redaction process.

6 FOI challenges Webinar series (Episode 2)

Public authorities have a diverse range of statutory and legal disclosure obligations. Whether this involves litigation, such as employment-related claims, requests for statutory access rights or third-party disclosure requests, the costs can be significant and often invisible to the wider organization. 

In this episode, Tom Gilsenan from Informa Disclosures, together with Daniel Schuuring from ZyLAB, tackle the following challenges:

  • Challenge 3: Review management & exemption handling
  • Challenge 4: Redaction management 

More specifically you will learn how enhanced technology will help you:

  • Flag same or similar material a reviewer has already identified as exempt
  • Automatically identify information for potential exemption or conversely for disclosure
  • Securely collaborate with various colleagues regardless of location over the management of disclosures
  • Redact efficiently and prevent disclosure of personal & confidential information

If you have missed Episode 1 on Identification, Collection and Deduplication of requested information, you can check it out here.


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