On-demand webinar: Identification, Collection and Deduplication of requested information.

6 FOI challenges Webinar series - Episode 1

Public authorities have a diverse range of statutory and legal disclosure obligations. Whether this involves litigation, such as employment-related claims, requests under statutory access rights or third-party disclosure requests, the costs can be significant and often invisible to the wider organization.  

In these webinar series, Tom Gilsenan from Informa Disclosures, together with Daniel Schuuring from ZyLAB, are going to highlight 6 key challenges that public authorities are likely to experience and examine how, with the right technology, it is possible to radically transform disclosure management practice.

In this first episode, they did a deep dive on the first two challenges, namely:

Challenge 1: Information collection & retrieval

Challenge 2: Deduplication & Filtering post collection

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