Webinar: Ins & Outs of Cross-Border eDiscovery

EU Corporations with US Entities

June 8, 11 - 12 am EDT | 5 - 6 pm CET

As more European corporations establish a presence in the US, eDiscovery considerations become increasingly complex.

Join us for this informative webinar where we will discuss the key challenges faced by legal teams as they look to in-source cross-border eDiscovery in-house.

In our upcoming webinar on June 8 at 11 am EDT, Jeffrey Wolff, Director of Corporate Solutions at IPRO, & Karim Osman, eDiscovery Specialist at ZyLAB, will delve into:

  • The legal operations maturity journey and how this is changing for corporate legal teams when looking to in-source eDiscovery in-house;
  • Data harboring, and the implications of conducting eDiscovery in the US versus the EU, including data regulations and jurisdictions;
  • GDPR and data privacy aspects between different regions, along with information governance maturity and how it could look.
  • Finally, we will explore how in-place search can assist legal teams in navigating these cross-border eDiscovery challenges.

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