How to enhance your DSAR workflow and respond to requests efficiently

Thanks to GDPR, every individual has the right to request and access data that organizations hold about them. This poses a significant challenge for organizations, as this information can be located anywhere your organization stores data. A particular headache is the controlled disclosure of email and other forms of unstructured data, without violating the privacy of third parties.

In this session, Hans Willers from ZyLAB sheds light on these issues and other DSAR challenges. You'll discover how ZyLAB eDiscovery helps you to meet regulatory deadlines, mitigate risks and avoid inadvertent disclosure of confidential information. 

You will find out how: 

  1. You can comply with a Data Subject Access Request without compliance risks;

  2. You can ensure no data is missed in the oceans of unstructured data your organization holds; 

  3. You can be prepared for Data Subject Access Requests in the wake of a data leak.
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