How to efficiently identify all the relevant data for your case without over collecting? Practical tips from an eDiscovery expert

November 24; 10-10:30 AM CET

While trying to avoid overcollection, incompleteness of potential relevant data is lurking when it seems to be across all your repositories…it can be on OneDrive, email, Teams, Slack or any other location or communication channel that’s even harder to access.

In order to mitigate risks and avoid extensive costs Legal & Compliance professionals urgently need to redesign their process of data capturing/preservation for eDiscovery purposes.


Join this webinar with our eDiscovery expert - Hans Willers to learn:

  • What the current eDiscovery challenges are and how you can mitigate them moving forward;

  • Best practices on how to efficiently manage and collect unstructured information within your organization;

  • How to optimize your eDiscovery process to drive insights earlier on.


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