Digital Forensics or eDiscovery: which to use for internal investigations

When it comes to internal investigations, the terms eDiscovery and Digital Forensics are often used interchangeably. Though similar at first glance, key differences exist.

Rather than opposites or substitutes for one another, these two processes should be considered part of a comprehensive digital investigation. For internal investigations especially, only going off the Electronically Stored Information that’s readily available and extractable is ill-advised: evidence may have been deliberately hidden or removed. 

In this webinar, Jelle Oorebeek, Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS), explains:

  • the use cases & skillsets needed for Digital Forensics & eDiscovery;
  • how Digital Forensics and eDiscovery can help investigators perform their job more efficiently;
  • how to put Digital Forensics & eDiscovery into action.




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