ZyLAB eDiscovery Platform

ZyLAB's Highly-automated end-to-end eDiscovery Solution

  • ZyLAB's Direct Collecting saves tremendously in time to get data ready for early case assessment and (first) pass review, and drastically reduces the cost and risks of downloading / uploading data or the shipping around of tapes and hard disks. LEARN MORE »
  • ZyLAB's Deep Processing allows you to automatically reduce your data volumes before you sent them on for review, without getting in trouble or being accused of data spoliations. LEARN MORE »
  • ZyLAB's Review Accelerators minimize the most expensive and time consuming part of the eDiscovery process. LEARN MORE »
  • ZyLAB's Early Case Assessment enable litigants to quickly understand the facts and merits of a case, identify key custodians and recognize critical information so they can develop an effective and realistic litigation strategy. LEARN MORE »