Internal Investigations

Start investigations that find evidence.

Change the way you collaborate and find evidence, for faster investigations at lower cost. 

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Internal Investigations - eDiscovery Software

Digital Investigations without the hassle of moving ESI.

9. Cloud Connect 9. Cloud Connect 16. Security

Collaborate on a single end-to-end platform.

Investigate together without the hassle of importing and exporting Electronic Standard Information. 


One Investigation - One Platform

Covers all the steps of a digital investigation in a single place. From evidence identification all the way to production.


Collaborate - without training

Easily collaborate on an investigation with colleagues or third parties in an intuitive user-friendly interface.

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Uncover the whole story with technology.

Use eDiscovery AI to find clues for further investigation. 


Find evidence by identifying patterns, codewords & outliers

Know the unknown, and have eDiscovery AI present patterns, codewords and outliers, so you're well-informed for the next step in the investigation.


Find look-a-like evidence

After finding first evidence, let AI scan your ESI for evidence that's similar.


Prioritize evidence for review

When the clock is ticking, speed up evidence review by reviewing documents with the highest chance of evidence first.

3. Facet Dashboard 3. Facet Dashboard 3. Facet Dashboard

Stay on top of data collection and review.

90% of collected ESI is irrelevant evidence. Save time and money by collecting and reviewing only potential relevant evidence. 


Target collections of ESI

Search Electronic Standard Information in-place on the server, and collect only ESI that matches your keyword search.


Remote collection of ESI

Leverage our connectors to many of the top business applications, and collect and preserve evidence remotely.

eDiscovery platform for digital investigations.

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Collaborate in an user-friendly, end-to-end eDiscovery platform


ZyLAB ONE - eDiscovery

Discover the end-to-end eDiscovery platform by ZyLAB.


Live Early Data Assessment

Reduce data collected by 90% by targeting collections.

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