Investigators and
Corporate Security

For any investigation, large amounts of data must be collected, analyzed and produced. ZyLAB Investigation enables investigators to collect, review and share information in one integrated solution. With ZyLAB Investigation you will find more relevant information than with any other product on the market. Our solution enables you to process more information, faster, at higher quality and with fewer resources.


  • Collect data from over 700 different formats including email servers, file share, SharePoint, and audio and images in over 400 languages.
  • Repeatable workflow; enables users to analyze large volumes of data and pinpoint the critical data.
  • Data can be accessed by others for review and collaboration.

"During the Slobodan Milosevic trial, we found ZyLAB to be the ideal technical partner to implement our vision for bringing justice, managing millions of documents, and complying with the stringent rules of international law."

~ Gonzalo de Cesare, former records manager UN