Chief Information Officers
and IT Professionals

In many organizations, the IT Department is responsible for collecting information in an eDiscovery request. eDiscovery and regulatory demands can be taxing on IT resources, especially under a tight deadline, and divert attention away from critical projects and daily activities. ZyLAB Preservation Vault stores pre-processed, eDiscovery ready data from selected custodians and data repositories that are frequently subjected to data requests. ZyLAB’s eDiscovery Preservation Vault eliminates the need to repeatedly collect, process and review these data sets.


  • Selected data is processed and ready for eDiscovery. All technical errors will have been solved at ingestion so eDiscovery collections can be done quickly and without interruptions at the speed of a file copy operation. As a result, collection and processing will be easier and won’t require the need for constant IT Department intervention.
  • Streamline processes - Collect information in over 700 formats, easily search and process all relevant information, review and produce in one integrated solution. All users have access to the same information anywhere, anytime.
  • Protect investment – Information is preserved in an open XML format ensuring easy accessibility in the future and reduced migration costs.
  • Minimize risks by deleting obsolete data in a defensible way and in line with the corporate retention policy, thus reducing data volume, storage costs and eDiscovery costs.

"At the end of an administration, turning over all email to NARA could take up to a year. With ZyLAB, the NSC can now just turn over the server to NARA. ZyLAB’s XML format is our standard archival format for e-mails."

~ Jason Baron, (Former) Director of Litigation at the National Archives