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Legal week 2019 is over when you missed us for a personal demo do not hesitate to request one now. Just click this link!




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Smart conferencing  

If you're heading to LegalTech on the prowl for new and wonderful solutions for your eDiscovery challenges, then our very own Jeffrey Wolff, Brenda Dodd, Jay Schneider and Nils Nugteren are on the scene to show you our state-of-the-art eDiscovery solution. You can register for a demo below, but if your schedule is fluid, don't hesitate to hop on by! 


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Good people, great eDiscovery

Don't be shy this year, we've got an all-star crew standing by to help answer both your questions and your needs. Whether you're an eDiscovery veteran looking to gain insight into the latest developments or if you're brand new and looking for the most intuitive solution on the market: we've got you covered. 

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Daily Trivia Quiz

From January 29th through 31st, there's a new trivia quiz every day! At the end of the week, we will select one winner who will get a choice of prize--a drone or a $500 gift card!


Win an Amazon Echo

Visit our booth to hear about the latest & greatest in AI, and enroll for our daily raffle, at the end of every day, the raffle winner wins an Amazon Echo! 

If you're worried our crew is busy when you want to visit, you can book time with them: 

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During all of LegalTech 2019, we'll be posting updates, pictures, insights and whatever else comes to mind on our social media. 

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