ZyLAB Certification programs

Our certifications are ACEDS approved and will count towards the eligibility criteria for applying for the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) certification. Read more about this certification here.

Certified Review Specialist

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This training is designed to demonstrate mastery of all aspects of ZyLAB’s legal review capabilities.

Certified Application Administrator

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The training is aimed at users who will be responsible for managing, customizing and organizing the ZyLAB Legal Review Site. 

Success Stories

ZyLAB's certification training helped us to deeply understand the system's underlying structure and functionality. Moreover, we learned about new functions and specifications regarding searching.
top eDiscovery software review - Rasmussen - Kromann Reumert

Sebastian Schmidt-Rasmussen
Senior Project Manager, Kromann Reumert

The ZyLAB online training was of great help to get our corporate and M&A teams quickly up to speed and it makes full use of the ZyLAB document review potential
ZyLAB legal software review - Luc Van Daele - Legadex

Luc van  Daele
Founder Legadex

With over half of the state bars requiring technological competence, it is an opportunity and obligation of software and service providers to train the eDiscovery community in their solution set. Certification is one of the highest octaves of training.

best eDiscovery software reviews - Mack, EDRM

Mary Mack
Executive Director, ACEDS

“The certification training is very convenient to empower users to learn by themselves at any time. We totally support it”
eDiscovery platforms review testimonial - Marta Barba

Marta Barba
Marketing and Business Intelligence Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become certified?

The Certification program will enable users of the ZyLAB ONE platform to utilize all functionalities of the software to the full extend.

How long will the training take?

For the Certified Review Specialist: 2 hours, 45 minuttes of training video.
For the exam another 60 minutes;

For the Certified Legal Review Application Administrator: 1 hour, 58 minutes of training video. For the exam another 60 minutes.

Do I need to re certify when new version of the product come out?

We periodically release new functionality. To stay current, we advise you to sign up for the Certification Training on an annual basis.

How can I keep my ZyLAB knowledge up to date?

Keep using ZyLAB, you learn most by doing! Alternative sources for maintaining your knowledge level are docs.zylab.com and help.zylab.com.

Is the certification applicable for only the SaaS version of ZyLAB?

The certification is applicable for all Legal Review users, not specifically for SaaS.

 Do I get a real certificate when I complete the program?

You will get a digital certificate, issued by ZyLAB, which you can download and print. It demonstrates profiency with ZyLAB ONE.

Do you have questions that weren't in our FAQ? 

Let us know and we'll do our best to help you.