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Why Legal Professionals should care about AI

=April 22nd, 2021 - 1pm to 2pm EST. 

The adoption of AI amongst legal professionals is still lagging behind where many experts thought it would be. With mounting pressures coming from the courts, regulatory agencies, as well as the corporate interests within the company, Legal Departments are increasingly pressured to look for solutions to meet the requirements of the modern age.

At the same time, the reality is that humans can't do the legal work much faster than they do today. That means innovation, not manpower is the solution. With AI-driven solutions on the rise, legal professionals must begin adopting technological solutions sooner rather than later. During this masterclass, Jeffrey Wolff explains why every legal professional should care about artificial intelligence. You'll learn: 

The potential of saving time through Early Case Assessment tools; 

How automated redaction and review can speed up the litigation process; 


How making optimal use of available tools makes a more comprehensive and successful litigation process possible. 

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