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Ensuring safe disclosure of public information 

Last year, local, state, and federal government agencies received a record-breaking number of Open Records and Freedom of Information Act requests. Producing the requested information on time, while protecting sensitive information is becoming increasingly hard.

ZyLAB ONE FOIA software helps organizations subject to open records acts develop more efficient and effective practices to ease and improve their processes to respond to these requests.

Respond within strict time frames

Governmental organizations must respond to a FOIA request within the strict time frames dictated by the various acts. In reality, many are not able to comply with these deadlines. Overall, the number of backlogs is rising.

ZyLAB ONE offers the most complete solution from intake to disclosure. Organizations can seamlessly manage the request and collect responsive information from various data sources. The collected data goes through a series of processes from de-duplication, data enrichment and indexing to make the data fully searchable and available for immediate review.

By quickly locating responsive records and automatic redaction of known exempt material in bulk, ZyLAB ONE FOIA software drastically speeds up the disclosure process.

Respond within strict time frames with ZyLAB best FOIA software

Save costs and resources needed

Many agencies face limited funds and resources. They do not have a dedicated public records officer and rely on ad-hoc manual processes and inadequate technologies. Often, the duty to respond to requests is pushed down the list of competing priorities and agencies fail to respond in time.

ZyLAB ONE allows a single person to perform the work of many. The platform offers an organized, central location where your data is standardized and all your public record response processes begin and end. Access to smart processes such as automation, assisted review, and predictive coding cut response times in half or more.

Save costs and resources needed with Public Record Requests management software

Protect private and exempt information

Protecting privacy and other sensitive information is enough of a challenge as it is. Balancing the public's right to know and the need to protect private and otherwise exempted information is not easy. Improper redactions can quickly make it into the media, as more people become aware of the ease of accessing improperly redacted information.

ZyLAB comes equipped with premade exemption codes, tailored to specific jurisdiction. This allows for streamlined and optimized bulk review of information. During the disclosure process, redactions are burned into the document image, and exemption reports are sent along explaining the redactions in order to meet reporting requirements. 

eDiscovery Software to Manage FOIA and Public Records Requests

FedRAMP compliant

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) helps organizations save considerable expense and time by offering a standardized approach to “Authorization, Security Assessment and continuous monitoring for cloud services and products. 

ZyLAB is fully committed to comply with industry best practices in regards to information security. ZyLAB’s ISMS and Security and Privacy controls, implemented within ZyLAB, are compliant to the FedRAMP Moderate baseline controls and requirements (NIST SP 800-53r4 1/23/15).

FedRAMP compliant best FOIA management software

Be prepared

Respond within strict time frames
Save costs & resources needed
Protect  exempted information
FedRAMP compliant

The right technology will improve public records disclosure processes by reducing delays and backlogs and delivering fast, thorough, and reliable results through validated workflows and consistent institution-wide practices.

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