Discover our key features and effectively use ZyLAB Legal Review

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Learn how to view, search, tag, redact, produce, and more!

Create a matter

A matter is a repository for electronic data that has been collected, processed and made available for review. Due to the uniform state of the data, reviewers can move from item to item quickly and efficiently.



Use the Matter Dashboard

The Matter Dashboard is a comprehensive, interactive and easy-to-use dashboard that gives a user on demand visibility to matter information such as data volume, time lines and real-time review status.


Navigate a matter

Learn how to navigate to all the features available to you when working with a matter. 



Navigate through the documents via Facets

Explore documents for global searches. Facets (pie charts) help the reviewer to make a mental picture of all the work that needs to be done, and make an estimation of the time needed to complete the review. 




Or navigate through the Document List View

Use Document List View to view, sort, filter or take actions on your data to get a better understanding of the search results.




View the documents

View documents one-by-one in Document View and perform actions on them, like tagging and/or redactions. 



Search Overview

This video focuses on an overview of ZyLAB Search key concepts and definitions. Use our search language to search for one or more terms within a data set.


Keyword Highlighting

Learn how to use keyword highlighting and easily identify significant terms or phrases in your data set. Define a keyword rule that will find and highlight terms in a specific (other than the default yellow) color.


Document Tagging

Tagging makes it easy to filter, sort and retrieve a document. Learn how to tag a document and add a piece of information that defines the contents of the document. 


Bulk Tagging

Learn how to perform bulk tagging and tag multiple documents at once.


Create Redactions

Learn how to create redactions and protect sensitive, privileged and confidential information by hiding selected content or replacing it with something else.



Batch Download

Learn how to download all or a selection of documents from the Document List.



Learn how to prepare documents for disclosure and produce them to third parties.