The eDiscovery maturity model

How mature is your in-house eDiscovery? Still ad hoc, outsourced, using basic tooling, or do you use analytics for decision support and smart fact-finding techniques such as assisted review and predictive technology?

In the webinar “The eDiscovery Maturity Model: Preparing Your Organization for Better eDiscovery Management” the different stages of the eDiscovery Maturity Model are discussed by Mary Mack, Jeffrey Wolff and Johannes Scholtes.

  • Learn how different tools and strategies compare to others, including in-house platforms, regarding key factors such as the quality of results, security, workflow efficiencies, and costs.
  • Discover where your organization stands in the eDiscovery Maturity Model and how your abilities to manage eDiscovery are affected by the tools and strategies used.
  • See how the eDiscovery Maturity Model outlines a process through which legal professionals can comfortably grow into using advanced technologies such as data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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