Understanding the need to take control of eDiscovery

Corporate Counsel find themselves adrift as they try to navigate a stormy sea of eDiscovery challenges including preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing information in response to a growing number of requests related to: 

  • Laws and regulations on a global scale; 
  • Disclosure requirements across various jurisdictions; 
  • Government and agency inspections and audits; 
  • Due diligence procedures; 
  • An increasing number of legal actions and lawsuits. 

Legal department leaders are left rudderless, their radar screens unrelentingly blank at the exact moment top executives and board members look to them for predictability and guidance. 

It is an unlovely unstable position to be in, particularly for those whose main role is to keep the company operating on safe, solid legal ground. 

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Understanding the need LP

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