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Datasheet Corp Legal

Your corporate legal memories

Corporate, Legal operations
More efficient legal operations through better complex information management.
ZyLAB ONE Infograph

Infographic: ZyLAB ONE

eDiscovery, Law Firms, Corporations
Discover everything that sets ZyLAB ONE apart from the competition in a single overview. 
Datasheet Law FIrms front

eDiscovery for corporations and law firms

Law firms, corporations, eDiscovery

This datasheet provides need-to-know information about eDiscovery for law firms and corporations. 

Datasheet FOIA

eDiscovery for FOIA and public records requests

Governments, FOIA

This datasheet provides insight about what eDiscovery can add to FOIA and PRR. 

Datasheet Gartner

Gartner's #1 end-to-end eDiscovery solution


See for yourself why Gartner named us the #1 end-to-end eDiscovery solution! 

Automated eDiscovery for M&A

Automated eDiscovery for M&A

Corporations, eDiscovery

A datasheet that shows you how automated eDiscovery can help when it comes to mergers & acquisitions.

automated ediscovery for regulatory requests

Automated eDiscovery for regulatory requests

Corporations, eDiscovery

How can eDiscovery be of service when the regulator comes knocking? This datasheet shows it all.

DIY eDiscovery with SaaS

DIY eDiscovery

Corporations, eDiscovery

With eDiscovery now being offered in Software-as-a-Service format, it's easier then ever to take control. 

ZyLAB ONE ediscovery

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery


ZyLAB ONE is the industry-leading #1 end-to-end eDiscovery solution that'll amaze you. A brief overview of what it can do.