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Efficiently answering regulatory requests  

Regulatory requests have become the number one reason for eDiscovery worldwide. Requests from regulatory bodies or external auditors can vary in subjects, such as competition or anti-trust investigations, second requests, price-fixing, bribery, tender fraud, anti-money laundering, and violations of environment and consumer protection regulations. The request can be in the form of a mandatory information production and on-premise investigation to complex cross-border dawn raids. In whatever form, they are always unannounced and can be very disruptive.

With ZyLAB ONE organizations are empowered to provide a fast and complete response to a regulatory request,  which is essential to apply for leniency or clemency, and to act in good faith with the regulator.

Know what happened fast 

As soon as a regulator shows up, the race against the clock starts. There is no time to develop an effective plan, as most regulative authorities want you to indicate what is responsive, non-responsive or privileged quickly, often around 10 days.

Speed is essential for your company. The sooner you know what really happened, the sooner you can plan your own strategy, start your own investigation with your outside counsel, prepare for additional investigations, apply for leniency and provide the completeness regulatory agencies look for to avoid second requests (US) or phase two investigations (EU).

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery dramatically simplifies the process of mining vast amounts of electronically stored information and helps you to find more relevant information, faster and using fewer resources.

Know what happened fast with ZyLAB eDiscovery Software

Provide accurate and complete answers

A key challenge to answering regulatory requests is finding the requested information in the vast volumes of data created by your organization. It gets even harder when people wanted to cover up or hide something, and you do not know exactly what you are looking for.

Regulatory authorities want to know exactly who was involved; who knew what; what the damage was and who suffered. They want to find out if and how management was involved, and if anyone did anything to cover up misbehavior.

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery uses AI and Data Science techniques that help you to find things even when you do not know what to look for. After that, you can organize your data along typical investigation questions such as Who, Where, When, Why, What, How, How Much and by Which Means.

ZyLAB eDiscovery Software provides accurate and complete answers

Collaborate easily

There are many parties involved in responding to  regulatory requests. The regulatory agencies, various internal departments, possible third parties; they all need access to the data and smooth collaboration saves valuable time.

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery platform presents all your data in one place. You only need to give people access to the portions of it you want them to have. Producing responses to requests is as simple as providing regulators with an access code.

This single point of access gives you tight control over your data, which eliminates significant security risks by keeping your data in-house. You can easily perform your own investigations with outside counsel, if necessary, and measure their productivity by tracking their activities. The ease of collaboration also helps you partner with others to prepare for additional investigations from other entities or respond to claims that customers or consumers were disadvantaged.

Collaborate easily with best eDiscovery Platform

Protect privileged and sensitive data

Even when the clock is ticking, the last thing you need when responding to a regulatory request is to violate a different regulation like one of the new privacy laws. 

Privileged communications between professionals such as attorneys and accountants must be protected from disclosure. You may also need to protect proprietary technologies and other sensitive commercial information. 

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery quickly searches massive amounts of data, then identifies and auto-redacts or anonymizes privileged and private information. You can use the auto-classification feature to filter and tag files according to a particular custodian, file type, keywords, date ranges and other metadata. 

Best eDiscovery solution to Protect privileged and sensitive data

Be prepared

Know what happened fast
Answer accurate & complete
Easy collaborate with all
Protect sensitive data

With ZyLAB ONE organizations are empowered to respond to regulatory requests thoroughly, accurately, and cost effectively.

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