Technology overview



Increase processing power when needed

 ZyLAB’s eDiscovery solution is scalable by design. When needed you can add processing power by adding additional (virtual) machines on the fly to increase the throughput of your data to meet your deadlines. There is no need to re-install the software or re-distribute your data. You can scale down your architecture when you are done and minimize the costs of your infrastructure. Ideal when you’ve outsourced your infrastructure to cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Spin-on or spin-down machines as your processing needs change over time. ZyLAB has the most flexible and elastic architecture on the market, allowing your organization to scale infinitely to address today’s data volume challenges.


Flexible collection options

 Collect directly from the source using ZyLAB’s standard collectors for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Apps for Work and many more. If needed, you can add your own collector option using the open nature of ZyLAB’s collection infrastructure. This will allow you to collect directly from any other information source.

Deep processing

Maximize recall as ZyLAB makes all information searchable. Extract recursively all documents that are part of a container such as ZIP, PST or MSG files, add searchable text using advanced OCR for image based formats, extract all metadata and much more to be sure that you find what you need. ZyLAB is the only product on the market with this kind of processing depth. That is why ZyLAB is the preferred tool of many law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Find what others miss, take no risk!


Deep search for legal and investigative professionals

 ZyLAB’s own indexing engine can index up to TBs of data per day and supports access to over 750 different file formats. As of 1983, ZyLAB has been a leader in legal and investigative full-text search offering industry standard search functionality but also unique operators such as our fast and world-famous fuzzy, quorum, wildcard, proximity, phrase and regular expression searches. In addition, ZyLAB allows searching on numeric ranges, dates, file names, and to use text delimiters to define key fields and text ranges on the fly. These extensive search capabilities combined with our fast multi-threaded and distributed indexes will help to find relevant information faster than any other tool on the market. Hits of your search are highlighted on every document even when these are originally image based.

Analytics for automation

 During processing all documents are analyzed for additional metadata, specific content, email threads, duplicates, privileged information and much more. You can use ZyLAB’s extensive libraries of patterns, or you can use your expertise and build libraries of your own analysis rules to get a better insight. There are even ZyLAB user groups sharing expertise and libraries of patterns with each other. The results are visualized in the analysis dashboard giving you direct insight in your data and allowing you to conduct a proper Early Case Assessment (ECA). Based on initial findings already processed data can be analyzed again using new analysis rules.

Get a better insight in your data without having to search and review the actual data. The text analysis helps you to find entities such as organizations, persons and more. Code words and other patterns like sentiments, requests and travel activities can be extracted and can guide you straight to relevant information.


Technology assisted review (TAR)

 ZyLAB uses a variety of methods for automatic document classification to support technology assisted review (TAR). These patented methods vary from straight forward search-based, regular expressions, gazetteers (dictionaries) to advanced methods using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. All of these techniques can be used individually or in combination. As each of these TAR techniques clearly has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is best to allow the user to combine the different methods to achieve the highest possible recall and precision. This is exactly what ZyLAB facilitates: start with simple, straightforward and transparent techniques and expand to more advanced methods when needed.

Data visualization

 A picture says more than a thousand words. This is why data visualizations are very powerful, especially when your data collection is overwhelming. ZyLAB uses interactive facets and other visualization techniques to help our users navigate and browse intuitively through the data sets. Facets and visualizations can be customized and combined with the output of our analytics and technology assisted review (TAR).


Audio search

 Does your data set contains audio recordings? Natively or as part of a video? Investigating and reviewing these recordings can be time-consuming. Using ZyLAB’s audio search, you can quickly find relevant fragments and review these instantly. Don’t waste time listening to hours of recordings, but quickly review them based on simple or advanced searches.

Image analysis with visual classification

 Automatically detect privileged or relevant photos or scanned documents based on the visual contents. Quickly detect passports and IDs and tag them as privileged information or tag all holiday pictures as non-responsive. Improve the quality and speed of your review process.


Machine translation

Are you working in an international environment? Reviewing documents in foreign languages can delay your review process. Don’t waste time and use embedded machine translation to review foreign documents in English.

Legal hold notification

 Make it easy and efficient to manage your preservation obligation. ZyLAB’s  Legal Hold application notifies and manages responses of your employees in a defensible way.


Paper-based discovery

 With a long track record in making paper documents searchable, ZyLAB offers the right technology to help you with paper-based discovery. Whether your document started as paper and has been archived as a document image or even when you still have shelves with paper you need to collect from; we will help you with proper quality control and software. Conversion of such documents is seamlessly integrated in ZyLAB’s eDiscovery process. Our unique 4-way OCR in hundreds of languages that even works on broadsheet construction drawings has saved many of our clients lots of resources and problems.


Putting the reviewer first. This is key for all functionality offered to support an efficient review process, from simple linear review to automated redaction. ZyLAB’s review offers a wealth of options such as advanced search, batch assignment, bulk tagging, sampling, keyword highlighting, advanced security, customizable interface and much more.


Flexibility in producing

 With the production wizard, productions are made simple. Follow the steps in the wizard defining your documents to produce, the format, the load file and options such as redactions.


Due to the open nature of ZyLAB’s technology, integrations with other programs for specific requirements can be made easily. Reporting tools like Tableau or QlikView can be used to generate additional reporting based on all analyzed information. Free open source analysis software such as Gephi can also be used to perform community detection. ZyLAB’s analysis framework and document view technology are used to convert unstructured data sets into structured information that can be used by analysis platforms such as Palantir.