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Automated Legal Hold:
Powerful. Intuitive. Defensible.

Save time and reduce legal risk with ZyLAB Legal Hold

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The #1 eDiscovery solution re-invents Legal Hold with an application trusted by

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Key features of Legal Hold

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Intuitive Legal Hold reporting

Customizable reports provide insight into which Holds a particular custodian is part of and who has acknowledged their holds (and who hasn't).  Reports can be run on the fly and exported to a variety of formats. 

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Dynamic Hold management

Custodians can respond to hold notices and related questionnaires from any device through the Custodian Portal. This interface allows custodians to dynamically view all of the holds they are part of without having to reach out to the legal team.

Standardize the legal hold process

Custom end-to-end messaging

Create, automate and manage your email message templates using information placeholders. Use Communication type selection and create custom questionnaires to better manage holds and custodians.

Save time: automated messaging

Say goodbye to manual reminders thanks to custom reminder scheduling, questionnaires and tracking.

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Compliant and defensible

Stop manually chasing custodians: make use of automatic audit reports to ensure your ediscovery process is compliant and holds up in court.

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Standardize for consistency

Take advantage of built-in communications and workflow templates and dynamic reporting tools to standardize the process.

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