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ZyLAB’S eDiscovery deployments

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery is available on premise, as a managed SaaS solution on Azure and as a full SaaS solution on Azure.

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ZyLAB ONE - eDiscovery software as a solution Cost

Benefits of full SaaS 

Full SaaS on Azure

For a predictable subscription fee, ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery as a Service provides you with the infrastructure to host and manage your cases, providing you on-demand access to your information as well as tools to collect, upload, process, perform early case assessments, analytics, TAR, review, redact, and produce documents in native TIFF or PDF formats.

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery - Full SAAS on Azure

Extremely flexible and scalable

The ZyLAB solution is built to utilize cloud resources automatically for processing, review, production or other elements in a ZyLAB environment in Azure. Allowing you to quickly scale up for bigger cases/investigations, and scale down for smaller ones, depending on the data volumes, the time pressure and the number of review users.

Lowering risk and workload for IT and legal teams

ZyLAB for Cloud Discovery is a proven and defensible solution that supports the different stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Overcoming bandwidth and security challenges

Hosted in the Azure cloud in the same geographical region as your company’s Office 365 or Azure content, eliminates the need to offload and upload data for eDiscovery or investigations to on-premises solutions.

Keep up to date with software and technology

Always the latest releases and the most advanced technology available.

Fast deployment

Easily and quickly complete a full eDiscovery solution in Azure, including connections to several data sources in Office 365 and Azure.

Infrastructure, maintenance and IT hassle free

As a full SaaS offering, all infrastructure and operational elements are done by ZyLAB.

Benefits of ZyLAB on premises software

On premises

Each eDiscovery project has its own unique shape, size and requirements. ZyLAB’s complete end-to-end solution fits every discovery and regulatory need. 

Our onsite licenses model offers unlimited scalability and the ultimate flexibility to tailor and maintain the software as your business needs evolve.

ZyLAB ediscovery software - On premises licenses model

Complete control

Complete end-to-end solution is housed within your facility, supporting all discovery needs in one integrated platform and providing your organization with complete control.

Data on own hardware

Full control over all your data: you decide if, when and how the data leaves your site.

Fully integrated in own architecture

Seamless integration with existing systems and applications behind your firewall and ultimate flexibility and customization options.

Benefits of managed SaaS

Managed SaaS on Azure

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery is a great way to experience our technology, perform a proof-of-concept for a full-scale deployment, or manage a smaller or ad-hoc eDiscovery case. ZyLAB offers eDiscovery as a Service in a managed services model.

ZyLAB eDiscovery as a Service in a managed services model

No IT worries

Infrastructure, maintenance and IT hassle free – As a Managed SaaS offering, all infrastructure and operational activities are done by ZyLAB.

Start directly

You can start immediately, no need to install on-premises software or hardware.

Low starting costs

Lower starting costs and low (case-based) monthly bills instead of large capital investments.

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