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Artificial Intelligence:
not just a buzzword

Over the last 3 decades we worked with the most prestigious customers to help them with their eDiscovery and FOIA challenges.

Today we work closely together with Universities around the world

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Innovations that makes a difference

At ZyLAB we develop innovative solutions that always go beyond what our competitors do, using new technology to seek higher levels of automation, completeness, speed and ease of use. This originates from the DNA of our founders. Today we work closely together with Universities around the world and have their researchers work in our R&D department.

Wouldn't it be great to get the answer automatically from your system? 

And go even further in combining the various dimensions? No matter the type of case or investigation you need to ask the obvious questions: What, Why, Where, When, Who, etc.

Artificial Intelligence
Confidently trusting in Artificial Intelligence
What is Machine Learning, how does it work and how can we monitor its quality?

ZyLAB's ONE not only answers the:

What:                   Topic modeling
Who:                    Community detection
Where:                 Geo mapping
Why:                     Sentiment and emotion mining
When:                  Time lines

but also the:

What–when        Topic Rivers
Who-Who           Clustering
Who-Why            Sentiment mining per person

Our key innovations

 AI-based analytics for eDiscovery

AI-based analytics ignite an eDiscovery productivity revolution
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ZyLAB Assisted review

ZyLAB Assisted Review (ZAR) – also known as Computer Assisted Review (CAR) or Predictive Coding – uses a series of algorithms to search and sort documents relevant for data investigation or eDiscovery. ZAR also utilizes machine learning.
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Use of AI without the complexity

Based on large data sets train the machines, this way we can support automation of the best practice use cases.

Ensure we can support all type of data

In any case it isnt know which unstructured data you want to use. We will ensure we get the most out of any form of data.

Languages in the data

eDiscovery is Global which means we need to ensure we support all relevant languages.

AI support the workflow of the use cases

Based on our extensive experience we can translate the need for automation to the use of AI


At the Law Department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences our students are educated to become legal professionals able to use ‘state of the art’ knowledge and skills.

As part of this education, we also train them using the ZyLAB ONE software on our LegalTech lab. By using the ZyLAB software, they enter the exciting and wonderful new world of LegalTech.

- Ellen Oudejanse,  Associate Professor, Law Department, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

ZyLAB's smart technology is most prominently expressed  in its e-Discovery applications. In the Netherlands and also in the world at large, ZyLAB is a front runner firm that inspires many dedicated researchers to develop their talents. 

- Jaap van den Herik, Professor of Computer Science and Law, Leiden Centre of Data Science, Leiden University

Over the course of past years, I have enjoyed the cooperation with ZyLAB in organizing a number of sessions for introducing the topic of "AI for eDiscovery" to the young talent at Leiden University. My students and I, always enjoy the hospitality of ZyLAB and, more than that, seeing the passion and responsibility they put into their work.

- Mitra Baratchi, Assistant professor, , Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University

Working with cutting edge eDiscovery software such as ZyLAB is therefore an indispensable part of modern professional legal education. We are proud to have ZyLAB as one of our partners in our Legal Tech Lab. They help us prepare our students for the new normal in legal practice.

- Ivar Timmer, Associate Professor Master Legal Management, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Chairman Legal Tech Alliance LLB-programs Dutch UAS

It’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with ZyLAB in exploring the potential of data science for unlocking cultural heritage.

- Claartje Rasterhoff , Assistant Professor Urban History and Digital Methods, University of Amsterdam

ZyLAB's 35 years of innovation

Watch the 3 min overview

What is Machine Learning? 

How does it work and how can we monitor its quality?

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