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Law firms have a tremendous opportunity to increase throughput and save time by deploying smart technology.

ZyLAB enables automation, allowing you to take on more cases with the same resources, and get the work done more efficiently to meet your clients' deadlines.

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Trusted by firms all over the world

EBBEN Partners - ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery Platform Customer
Kerr Russell - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Software Customer
Stibbe - ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery Solution Customer

Smart fact finding

Using the smartest technology available is paramount to getting the most out of your resources. ZyLAB ONE provides the most powerful legal search engine, data analytics and machine learning on the market.

Defensible and secure

You need to be able to trust the tools you utilize. ZyLAB ONE for eDiscovery ensures your findings will be defensible and your client's data is secure. 

Best eDiscovery Software for Law Firms
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ZyLAB gives you:

ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery for law firms

Easy-to-use and fast with full self-service capabilities

Upload your data and start reviewing almost immediately.  Add reviewers, configure the environment and easily self produce directly from the UI, or take advantage of our expert professional services team.

Gain instant insight 

Visualize your data and quickly see patterns and anomalies that can be used to accelerate your fact finding, decide on review strategy and decrease time spent reviewing documents. 

Search and review seamlessly

Powerful, patented search and review capabilities allows the review team to employ advanced workflows and complete the review faster.

Drive efficiency and exceed client expectations

Time is money...using the smartest technology available is paramount to getting the most out of your resources.  Redaction can be automated, and data enrichment upon ingestion can be leveraged to to categorize and prioritize documents for automation and review.

Technology assisted review with statistical assurance

ZyLAB One's proprietary assisted review technology delivers the most accurate and thorough results possible.  Our assisted review is simple to employ whether you are looking for concept clustering or running a continuous active learning workflow inclusive of multiple issues.  

Expert professional services 

With decades of experience, ZyLAB's team of project managers and technical experts are always available to collaborate with our clients on strategy and workflow, and can work in the database as an extension of your legal team. And ZyLAB project mangers have deep knowledge and experience running managed reviews.


Redaction is a critical aspect in our work. It is time consuming and errors can have serious consequences. Using the automated bulk redaction functionality in the ZyLAB software allows us to deliver high quality at a much faster pace.

- Project manager, Legadex

We highly recommend ZyLAB
…it’s user friendly…
…the search is easy…
…it’s much faster than other eDiscovery vendors…

Great intuitive e-discovery SaaS software that with very limited training provides users a powerfull and quick way to find what you need in piles of ubstructured data made searchable!

ZyLAB takes care of the process, supports the lawyer by thinking commercially and provides comfort with the use of advanced technology.

- Ruben Elkerbout Partner with Stek

ZyLAB combines the best of two worlds: an innovation driven vision to improve on their framework with cutting edge search technologies, and on the other hand really listening to clients who look for customized capabilities or features to cater their specific needs.

- Marcel Westerhoud,  Partner with EBBEN partners

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