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Increase margins and revenue

Law firms have tremendous opportunities to improve their margins and revenue by deploying advanced technology. eDiscovery solutions allow them to be more competitive, take on more work with the same resources, be collaborative and get work done faster to meet clients' deadlines.

ZyLAB ONE empowers legal teams with:

  • Transparent all-in pricing
  • Do-it-yourself end-to-end functionality
  • No need for large upfront investments in software, hardware or technical employees
  • Easy-to-use browser-based interface allowing professionals to start reviewing with little to no training
  • Advanced analytics and visualization

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Smart fact finding

Time is money...using the smartest technology available is paramount to getting the most out of your resources. ZyLAB provides the most powerful legal search engine, data analytics and machine learning on the market.

  • Automation: Many previously manual steps are now automated. Simply upload and start reviewing almost immediately. 
  • Prioritization: In today’s data tsunamis, filtering and prioritization are absolutely essential: this is what ZyLAB ONE AI and data science brings to the table.
  • Improve quality: computers are significantly better, faster and more efficient in dull, repetitive work.
  • Automation for advanced Productions compliant with industry standards.


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Defensible and secure

You need to be able to trust the tools you utilize. ZyLAB ONE for eDiscovery ensures your findings will be defensible and your client's data is secured.

ZyLAB gives you:

  • 35 years of experience in international case law
  • ISO 27001 certified security and SOC-2 compliance
  • GDPR and California Privacy Act Compliance 
  • Proven technology used by the most demanding clients


Many law firms and legal service providers use ZyLAB ONE to better serve their clients
Luc van Daele
Managing partner, Legadex
We are thrilled about the huge potential of ZyLAB’s search and analysis tools to give M&A transactions a flying start and redefine the way due diligence is performed.
Marcel Westerhoud
Partner with EBBEN partners
ZyLAB provides EBBEN Partners with the power to search, analyze, filter and visualize an ever-growing amount of data in investigations. ZyLAB combines the best of two worlds: an innovation driven vision to improve on their framework with cutting edge search technologies, and on the other hand really listening to clients who look for customized capabilities or features to cater their specific needs.
Yasmina Ben Daoued
Project Manager Legadex
Redaction is a critical aspect in our work. It is time consuming and errors can have serious consequences. Using the automated bulk redaction functionality in the ZyLAB software allows us to deliver high quality at a much faster pace.
Ruben Elkerbout
Partner with Stek
ZyLAB takes care of the process, supports the lawyer by thinking commercially and provides comfort with the use of advanced technology.