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Manage corporate investigations efficiently and effectively

When an investigation is triggered by an external or an internal event, time is of the essence. The longer an investigation goes on, the more it costs, not just in time, money and fines but also in damage to corporate reputation and employee morale. ZyLAB's smart eDiscovery platform for corporate investigations is a powerful solution in the quest for speed and completeness.  

Reduce time to produce results by up to 90%

Find all possible information without finding too much noise. Investigate data in different data formats, including audio and video, languages and containers. Go beyond simple keyword search, and use advance search, such as fuzzy, pattern or quorum search, or concept search to find concepts, such as persons or locations in your data. Better insights early in your investigation and more accurate search reduces costs and time associated with document review by up to 90%.

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Uncover hidden patterns and anomalies

Subjects may use code words or dark language to hide their behavior. Use topic modelling and the facet dashboard to get an overview of unknown – unknowns in your data. Use topic-rivers and community-analysis to understand the timeliness and relationship between subjects.

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Check for completeness and quality control

Investigations are high pressure, and while speed is of the essence, investigations need completeness. Perform quality control with Technology Assisted Review to ensure no information in your data is missed. Ensure legal defensibility with sampling and chain of custody reporting.

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Adhere to local laws and regulations with ease

In a globalized word, corporate investigations almost always span different jurisdictions, each with different laws of proportionality, subsidiarity and data privacy. Auto-redact and pseudonymize your data before the investigation starts, which allows you to retrieve data from jurisdictions with strict data privacy laws. Filter and select data pre-investigation to adhere to subsidiarity and proportionality requirements.

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The smart eDiscovery Platform

Reduce time to result by up to 90%
Uncover hidden patterns and anomalies
Perform checks and quality control
Adhere to local laws and regulations

Perform fast, defensible data investigations with an easy-to-master solution built for the legal team of today.

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