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Banish the Backlog

Collecting and disclosing documents through the Freedom of Information Act is challenging.

Record breaking numbers of open records request are being filed, leading to constantly growing backlogs due to the nature and volume of requests, and penalties are becoming stiffer. With ZyLAB One FOIA software, agencies across the nation are banishing the backlog once and for all.

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Trusted by governments of all levels across the United States

City of Scottsdale - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Open record customers
City of Los Angeles - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Open record customers
The White House - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Open record customers
Montgomery County Maryland - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Open record customers
National Archives and Records Administration - ZyLAB ONE FOIA Open record customers

Do more with less

Dealing with an ever increasing number of Open Records Requests is straining state and local municipalities and government agencies alike. For many, limited resources are available to handle public records responses. Having the right tooling in place to automate much of these tasks is critical in surviving the deluge of public records request.

ZyLAB One FOIA Software is that tool.

Get it out. Get it right.

Disclosing too much exposes your organization and its employees. Disclosing too little can lead to reputational damage, lawsuits and disgruntled citizens. This puts you between a rock and a hard place.

best eDiscovery Software for Government Agencies to Manage FOIA and Open Records Requests
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Take control of public records requests a maturity model

Respond faster than ever

ZyLAB ONE is the only end-to-end open records technology platform that fuels streamlined and automated processes, delivering fast, thorough, and reliable public records management from intake to disclosure.

A full suite of features: make backlogs a thing of the past

Improve citizen experience

Collect, manage and respond to requests 50% faster than ever before with a secure, comprehensive web portal. 

Gain instant insight

Using data analytics and smart fact-finding processes through an integrated platform delivers the most consistently accurate and thorough results possible with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time.

Take the action out of redaction

Faster identification of sensitive information along with automated redaction takes the place of a risk-filled manual process and correlates to savings of up to 30-50% in time and expense.

Collaborate across your agency

Automation speeds collaboration and consultations while maintaining accountability. The overall result is faster service and a more transparent government.

Produce and share with confidence

Exceed deadlines and reduce the risks of manual production of information with a fast, flexible and accurate automated disclosure process.

Search and review seamlessly

Powerful search and review capabilities unearth relevant documents regardless of the search skills of agency employees through processes that are 15 to 20 times more efficient than
manual efforts.


During the Slobodan Milosevic trial, we found ZyLAB to be the ideal technical partner to implement our vision for bringing justice, managing millions of documents, and complying with the stringent rules of international law.

- Gonzalo de Cesare, European Court

Please accept my profound gratitude for the support ZyLAB has extended to the Special Court for Sierra Leone in offering ZyLAB for use in our The Hague office. Our staff greatly appreciates the use of this comprehensive program which will benefit the work of the Court.

- Herman von Hebel, Special Court for Sierra Leone

We have had a very productive relationship with ZyLAB for the last three years and expect it to continue into the future.

- Carol Ditzler, Dept. of Agriculture 

At the end of an administration, turning over all email to NARA could take up to a year. With ZyLAB, the NSC can now just turn over the server to NARA. ZyLAB’s XML format is our standard archival format for e-mails.

-Jason Baron,  Litigation at the National Archives

 The software is robust yet intuitive and easy to use. This was important for me because not only do I need powerful tools to help reduce the cost and burden of eDiscovery and public records requests, but I also need a tool that our entire legal staff can confidently use with minimal supervision.

- Attorney,  Large City 

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