Smarter public records

Transforming how agencies are handling public records disclosures. 

Managing public record requests can be difficult. We're changing that.

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The hidden costs of public records requests

In this white paper we discuss the anatomy of what makes up the total cost of handling PRRs, and begin to explore ways in which these different costs might be reined back.

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Public records requests - get it out, get it right

As the amount of public records requests keeps rising, so does the complexity of data to be processed.  Find out how successful federal, state and local agencies deal with this onslaught in this webinar.

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A practical approach to public records requests

The City of Scottsdale, Arizona deals with public records requests more efficiently than ever before. In this webinar, they explain to you how our technology helped them do it.  

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A quick introduction to the challenges and solution



Many government agencies in the US and Europe rely on ZyLAB for criminal investigations and public record requests disclosures.