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Preparing for data breaches: mitigate risk & avoid fines

November 30th 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 CET

A data breach can be the result of a cyber/ransomware attack or an honest mistake. Either way, the potential impact of compromised data is huge. This impact can be financial (in the form of fines) and reputational (by damaging the company's image). 

When a data breach occurs, organizations must report this breach without undue delay, at most within three days (72 hours). From the moment an organization becomes aware of a breach, speed is of the essence. This becomes a real challenge when the information has to be extracted from unstructured data (emails, attachments, etc.). 

In this webinar, you'll be shown how Legal Discovery technology helps you mitigate
risk by being prepared to deal with data breaches. Find out how Legal Discovery can: 

Help you answer essential questions about the breached data quickly and accurately;

Speed up your response to a data breach by providing accurate information to affected parties and the relevant data protection agencies; 

Prepare for individual Data Subject Access Requests (DRARs) as a consequence of the data leak.

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