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The Hidden Gems of eDiscovery AI
Advanced Techniques to Supercharge Your eDiscovery Process

Many legal professionals are familiar with eDiscovery and the benefits the technology provides. However, what may not be common knowledge is the power that artificial intelligence brings to the table and the techniques that can be applied to achieve legal success.

eDiscovery AI excels at sifting through massive quantities of data to identify specific terms or concepts, even when those concepts are expressed in different terms. Because an AI system can scan data faster than any human and doesn’t get tired or distracted, it can evaluate data sets faster and more easily than a human while maintaining accuracy.

This three-part webinar series aims to help eDiscovery practitioners discover advanced techniques that offer higher levels of automation, completeness, and speed. 

Sessions are held on July 29th, August 26th, and September 30th at 1pm to 2pm eastern. Explore uncharted eDiscovery territory. Discover the secret techniques used by eDiscovery experts. Learn how to:

Supercharge your eDiscovery process 

Achieve greater efficiency and accuracy


Better understanding the data involved in legal matters through AI-Based eDiscovery and Analytics

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