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Orchestrate eDiscovery from start to finish

eDiscovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure consists of a wide-range of process steps defined in the EDRM. Orchestration of the entire eDiscovery process on a single platform helps legal professionals to get to better results faster, and at lower costs.

Reduce document review costs

Reduce noise in document review with powerful and accurate search. Go beyond simple keyword search, and use advance search, such as fuzzy, pattern or quorum search, or concept search to find concepts, such as persons or locations in your data. Better insights early in your investigation and more accurate search reduces costs and time associated with document review by up to 90%.

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Automate legal tasks with low added value

Manage and automate legal hold process, collect and process data from various sources, different formats and in foreign languages. Automatically transcribe audio, video, and translate languages, and tag images. Automatically classify documents by type, responsiveness, data range, sensitive information, and much more.

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Get better legal intelligence from your data

Make a difference in case approach and cost by generating better insights earlier in the eDiscovery process. Get an overview of concepts, anomalies and relationships found in your data, so you can make better decisions early in your eDiscovery workflow.

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Drive consistency and quality of eDiscovery results

Deliver consistent eDiscovery results with a playbook-driven eDiscovery process. Create workflows to manage process steps, perform quality control on the results with Technology Assisted Review, and improve accuracy of search with advanced search options, including concept search.

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The smart eDiscovery Platform

Reduce document review time
Automate low value tasks
Get better legal intelligence
Drive consistency and quality

Perform fast, defensible data investigations with an easy-to-master solution built for the legal team of today.

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