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An overview of different use cases for eDiscovery technology

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Answering regulatory requests

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Regulatory requests are the number one reason for eDiscovery worldwide. Traditionally, competition and anti-trust violations are a major cause of such investigations. In recent years, (new) regulators are conducting similarly disruptive requests and investigations related to financial-, bribery-, fraud-, environmental-, healthcare-,  data privacy-, consumer protection-, food & drug safety-, and many other regulated fields.

These requests for information and documentation from regulatory bodies or external auditors are unannounced and can be very disruptive. As the number of regulators grows, so does the amount of requests for information. Regulatory authorities worldwide have developed an apparently insatiable appetite for access to data held by corporates: you’re expected to answer all inquiries complete and in a timely fashion.

Requests for information can be tricky, but they are relatively innocent. However, a regulator can also decide to pay an unannounced visit. In both cases, panic ensues whenever a regulator shows up and the second they do, the race against the clock starts.

Regulators use eDiscovery technology to help them get the answers they need. Be on par, use the same technology as the regulatory agencies such as the European Commission, SEC, Alberta Security Commission (ASC), and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA).

More about answering regulatory requests you can read in this whitepaper or listen to our webinar "AI technics for efficiently answering regulatory requests"

Internal investigations

0025 - Magnifying glass - imagetxtThere are many reasons an internal investigation is started: it is part of a regular audit, or there may have been specific regulatory requests, internal auditors could have picked up signals of non-compliance, or even worse: bribery or fraud.

Even litigation can trigger an internal investigation as part of a fact-finding mission. Answers are often hidden in electronic data sets of the involved individuals, resulting in a complex and expensive eDiscovery on Tb’s of electronic data. eDiscovery software is essential to find answers to your questions!


Litigation and arbitration

0024 - Justice - imagetxteDiscovery is the process used in litigation and arbitration of identification, preservation, processing, searching, analysis, reviewing and producing electronically stored material that may be relevant to civil disputes such as HR cases, patent & intellectual property issues, class acts, or commercial and shareholders disputes.

By automatically collecting, culling and de-duplicating data, legal counsel can reduce the data collections tremendously before they hand them over to external advisors.

Automation, speed and ease of use are essential, just as security and legal defensibility, all within a framework of predictable and transparent pricing without huge upfront investments, IT projects or user training and certification.

This is exactly what ZyLAB offers …

GDPR and California Privacy Act 

0029 - money - imagetxtThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming California privacy act dictate how organizations need to manage data when dealing with personal information.

They cover multiple aspects of data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity and information rights. The need to redact or pseudonymize sensitive information is more eminent than ever.

ZyLAB’s eDiscovery technology supports companies to comply with these strict data protection and privacy regulations and helps to reduce the burden of handling subject access requests, detecting privacy related information or informing affected subjects of cybersecurity breaches.

Mergers & acquisitions

0015 - handen schudden - General UsePreparing a Virtual Data Room (VDR) for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring or refinancing purposes can be a huge challenge. Collecting relevant information from various sources, dealing with duplicates and different document versions (signed and unsigned), completing inconsistent files and making sure your VDR is GDPR compliant, is just the beginning. Deadlines and the interest of multiple stakeholders, add to the pressure.

Adding more people to the project only adds to the confusion and often slows down the process. Using eDiscovery technology to complete a VDR drastically speeds up the M&A process and gives you more control over the content of the data at an early stage. Technology is essential to reach high levels of quality and speed so there are no unnecessary delays.

Information management

With litigation, regulatory requests and data volumes all on the rise, implementing an information governance program is a mandatory activity for every organization. Information Governance helps to lower risks and costs by significantly reducing data volumes and providing access and structure to the unstructured data.

Why no use the same powerful eDiscovery technology for case, contract, records or portfolio management.  For over 30 years, ZyLAB has provided efficient and powerful information management solutions to the most demanding clients worldwide!