Smart eDiscovery and compliance

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ZyLAB ONE provides legal professionals a way to limit the disruptive effect and costs of litigation and arbitration.  

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ZyLAB ONE assists organizations in responding to Subject Access Requests and detecting Personal Information.

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ZyLAB ONE allows corporations to easily review employee communications and documents as part of internal investigations.

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Meet timelines and budgets

Corporations see increased demands to answer regulatory requests, meet litigation deadlines or respond to calls for transparency from the general public. Many organizations are caught by surprise by their legal bills.

Understand the anatomy of what makes up the total cost of eDiscovery, and begin to explore ways in which these different costs might be reined back.

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Control and efficiency

Corporate counsel and in-house legal teams have struggled for over 20 years on how to deal with copious amounts of electronically stored information. Unable to fully access or process all their data, they find themselves adrift as they try to navigate a stormy sea of eDiscovery challenges

Learn how corporate legal departments increasingly take control of their own destiny by bringing activities such as preservation, collection, and processing of data in-house to curb the risk of excessive fines, penalties, and reputation damage.

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Better collaboration

Over the years, companies have developed a variety of strategies to meet eDiscovery challenges. These methods range from making it up as they go along, to completely automated internal workflows with external collaboration.

Knowing where you sit in this spectrum is key to understanding how to get there from here. ZyLAB has developed a maturity model for eDiscovery to help corporations on this journey.

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Many corporations in the US and Europe rely on ZyLAB eDiscovery: