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ZyLAB is an international company, located in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, specialized in eDiscovery. ZyLAB applies its specialization in many ways: by searching in big batches of data with requests under the Public Access Act, by finding key information in large datasets in the context of competition law, making information 'GDPR-proof' et cetera.

Many law students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have already conducted their third-year internships and fourth-year graduation research at ZyLAB. Due to the success of these internships, ZyLAB is looking for new students for 3rd year internships and 4th year graduation projects.

For who

This internship is best for International Law students (University of Applied Science) who:

  • have a good understanding of the legal aspects of for instance handling public records requests (“Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur” or WOB), the answering of regulatory requests or fulfilling subject access requests, and
  • are interested in applying legal technology to increase the quality and efficiency of such processes.


The internship is at the office in Amsterdam.


LegalTech is more popular than ever. However, the large-scale adaptation of LegalTech is slowed down by a number of factors:

  • User adaptation (or the lack of ease of use),
  • Translating steps in the legal process into technology steps,
  • Legal defensibility and transparency of such technology,
  • Embedding technology in legal operations.

Many LegalTech applications use typical IT, AI and Data Science jargon, which is not understood by legal professionals. On the other hand, law books and case law use their own jargon, which is not understood by IT professionals and data scientists.

In order to bring these two worlds more together, this internship focusses on mapping the specific legal requirements of large information requests to the ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery software. Especially for business cases such as litigation, arbitration, subject access requests (GDPR), public records requests (verzoeken Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur – Wob), internal investigations, etc.

In addition, these internships should also document legal requirements needed to use technology for such processes and safeguard issues as privacy, security, and data protection at the same time.

Key challenges

The key challenges in this project are the mapping of legal terminology and requirements to that of the LegalTech world, AI and Data Science in particular. This requires a thorough understanding of all legal aspects of a certain application, as well as the ZyLAB ONE software, including its artificial intelligence and data science based machine learning and text-mining algorithms.

Research Questions

  • For a particular legal process, what are the specific requirement from a legal point of view when LegalTech is applied?
  • How can these requirements be embedded in the LegalTech process?
  • How can the requirements be audited and validated?
  • How can best practices best be document in a document, which is understood and accepted by both legal and IT professionals?

Other Expected / Desired Outcomes

The desired outcome is a well-documented best-practice guideline for the use of ZyLAB ONE software on a specific legal process.


If you are interested, please contact us at, or reach out to us via our social media channels.