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Data Science Lead / Sr. Data Science Engineer

in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Over the past 30+ years, ZyLAB has been working closely with corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies to deal with regulatory requests, high frequency eDiscovery, M&A, contract discovery and review, FOIA and Public Records Requests, investigations, and audits. ZyLAB’s integrated and customer-centric approach to eDiscovery has resulted in a scalable, proven, and award-winning eDiscovery platform: ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery

ZyLAB uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and Data Science tools to accelerate truth-finding missions along the typical dimensions Who, When, Where, Why, What, How, and How Much.

Our ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery platform still contains the most powerful full-text search for legal and investigative applications, but also houses a wealth of other technology such as text-mining to machine translation, audio search, topic modeling and machine-learning. Using agile work methods, we roll our bi-weekly SaaS updates holding new functionality and based on the most secure and latest developments tools and standards. We continue to stay ahead of the market by preparing ourselves for the next generation of Big Data using the latest data science insights. We work closely with universities around the world to test new ideas and fine-tune existing paradigms.

To expand our team, we are looking for Data Scientist/ ML engineer with strong software developer skills and Leadership skills.

We are seeking a creative approach to problem-solving and a track record of technical innovation. You want to go the extra mile, and relish the idea of being part of a community that extends beyond the work we do at the office.

Areas of responsibility
  • Take ownership of full machine learning lifecycle: deployment, testing and monitoring of machine learning models in production (in field of NLP, computer vision, network analysis and anomaly detection)
  • Contribute high quality code and organize development of machine learning components
  • Collaborate with dev teams on integration and deployment of models
  • Communicate with stakeholders and provide expert advice on machine learning topics
  • Supervise on-going data science research, with data science team and data science interns, and provide new research directions
Our requirement for this position include:
  • Advanced degree (Master of Science or Engineering) in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Statistics, Maths or Engineering
Data Science
  • Experience as a Data Scientist or ML Engineer (5+ years)
  • Experience in development of ML models for NLP, computer vision, network analysis and anomaly detection
  • Experience in deployment, testing and monitoring of machine learning models
  • Knowledge of text mining techniques
  • Deep learning frameworks, PyTorch and TensorFlow
Software Development skills
  • Software development experience - multiple years of experience with Python development
  • Knowledge of software development best practices, like test driven development and continuous integration
  • Strong mentor to less experienced developers; you love sharing knowledge
Experience – Nice to have
  • Kubernetes
  • MLOps
  • Azure Devops