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Full Stack Developer in Amsterdam

Our platform contains the most powerful full-text search for legal applications, but also houses a wealth of other technology such as text-mining to machine translation, topic modeling and machine-learning.

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Internship at Van Gogh Museum

They are interested in applying artificial intelligence, data science and data visualization techniques to verify the quality of the meta information, to identify anomalies and ...

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Internship Emotion & Sentiment mining

The key challenges in this project are the ability to deal with new types emotions, sentiments, cursing or cynicism  and dealing with negations, subjectivity or ambiguity of emotions.......

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Internship Automatically building of training-data

Creating a reliable process, including support for development of multi-lingual data sets is the focus of this project. Key challenges are to design and test such a process.  What are the best methods to start? ....

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Internship Topic Rivers & Community Detection

develop a new approach to create data visualization for eDiscovery, Answering Regulatory Requests, and Criminal and Fraud investigations that constructs an interactively operable, dynamic...

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LegalTech Internship for Law students

Many LegalTech applications use typical IT, AI and Data Science jargon, which is not understood by legal professionals. Law books and case law use their own jargon, which is not understood by IT......

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