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Legaltech Internship

Internship, Legaltech

Key challenges
Map legal terminology with  the Legal Technology, AI and Data Science.


.NET Developer

Developer, .NET

Key challenges
Do you have the creative approaches to problems and a track record in technical innovation.

Data Science - Word cloud

Data Science Program

Data Science

Key challenges
Research in the fields of intelligent search, information extraction, topic modeling and machine learning.

front end developer

Front End Developer

Developer, Front End Developer

Key challenges
We are looking for a Front End developer with experience with Angular 7, Typescript, HTML5, SASS/CSS and others!

multimedia intern

Multimedia Intern

Video, Multimedia

Key challenges
Video's and pictures say more than 1000 words, help us creating the right ones.

Cloud & Systems Analyst

Cloud & Systems analyst

Cloud & systems analyst

Key challenges
As a Cloud & Systems Analyst you will support ZyLAB offices around the globe.

Thomas Helling
Student of Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
The atmosphere is great. ZyLAB has a very flat organizational structure and one is able to talk with everyone without any hesitation. There is no barrier that should be crossed to speak to someone, and everybody makes time for each other if that is asked for. Thus, the ambiance is very open.
Thomas Prikkel
Student of Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
The atmosphere is indeed great. As an intern, you sit together with the other interns and ZyLAB colleagues and you can always have lunch together. Every Friday there is a ‘Vrijdagmiddagborrel’, which is a lot of fun!
Marc van Duyn
Student of Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
I learned about ZyLAB when we visited ZyLAB together with 25 students of the Leiden University for a presentation. I was intrigued about the projects that were shown and applied for the Internship program.
Long Tran
Student of Radboud University Nijmegen

What comes to mind when you think of ZyLAB?

I had lots of feelings working at ZyLAB, but stress was definitely not one of them. The nature of doing research is stressful enough without having to deal with business aspects like reporting, presentations. Everyone at ZyLAB, however, seemed to magically comprehend this and avoided adding more stress on me. So when I think of ZyLAB, I think of a thoughtful friend being highly supportive of me for mutual benefits (and a beer buddy on Friday)