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Test Automation Engineer

Amsterdam, NL - Together with the test team, you will be responsible for design of accurate and effective Test Cases as well as other test related activities to ensure high quality. On a daily basis, you will be a part of a scrum team and work closely with developers and POs on our innovative products.

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.NET developer

Amsterdam, NL - We are seeking a creative approach to problem-solving and a track record of technical innovation. You want to go the extra mile, and relish the idea of being part of a community that extends beyond the work we do at the office. We are looking for people who have broad technology experience in C#/.NET; experience in C++ and/or HTML(5)/JavaScript is a welcome bonus.

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Full Stack Developer

Amsterdam, NL - We are looking for people who have broad technology experience in C#/.NET; experience in CI/CD, pipelines, Azure & Azure DevOps is an added bonus.

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Data Science Graduation Program

Amsterdam, NL - Currently, we are actively looking for graduate students and interns, who are looking for paid and interesting research projects. The internships will allow you to learn how data science technology is applied in commercial and government organizations for mission critical applications and at the same time execute thorough scientific research.

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Graduation Project: Emotion & Sentiment Mining

Amsterdam, NL - In criminal and fraud investigation, large collections of emails, social media or other forms of communication are analyzed. Often such collections consist of Tb’s of unstructured information. Search is no longer good enough to find the needle in the haystack. When something goes wrong in a criminal scheme, relevant communication often contains high levels of emotions, communication or cursing. Detecting such patterns is a complex task. 

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Graduation Project: Extraction of Complex Relations

Amsterdam, NL - Information extraction (IE) is the task of automatically extracting structured information from unstructured and/or semi-structured machine-readable documents. In most of the cases this activity concerns processing human language texts by means of natural language processing (NLP).

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Graduation Project: Topic Rivers & Community Detection

Amsterdam, NL - ZyLAB wishes to develop a new approach to create data visualization for eDiscovery, Answering Regulatory Requests, and Criminal and Fraud investigations, that:

  • Constructs an interactively operable, dynamic, effective visualization environment, and
  • Applies means of text-mining, natural language processing and machine learning to enrich and organize textual data thereby increasing data value.
  • Automatically detect anomalies in such data sets to notify users of such anomalies in both textual data as well as in large data visualizations.

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LegalTech Internship

Amsterdam, NL | ZyLAB applies its specialization in many ways: by searching in big batches of data with requests under the Public Access Act, by finding key information in large datasets in the context of competition law, mking information 'GDPR-proof' et cetera.

Many law students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have already conducted their third-year internships and fourth-year graduation research at ZyLAB. Due to the success of these internships, ZyLAB is looking for new students for 3rd year internships and 4th year graduation projects.

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