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About Legadex

Legadex is your next-generation legal service provider with its head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and branch offices in Rotterdam and Brussels. The company was founded in 2008 by Hans-Martijn Roos and Luc van Daele, who saw that corporate law departments were looking for better alternatives for handling their legal work and becoming more cost-conscious. Today, buyers of legal services have more choices. The sector is disaggregating and unbundling. No longer are law firms or temporary staffing agencies the only option for clients with legal work. 

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ZyLAB and Legadex

M&A transactions require an excellent preparation of your company information and a rigorous and cost-conscious due diligence process. The Legadex team helps you with an extensive and innovative range of Virtual Data Room (VDR) and Legal Due Diligence services.

By using the software solutions of ZyLAB, legadex has been able to substantially improve the quality of our service while reducing time and cost at the same time.

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AI and Data Analytics for the Financial Sector

Together with Luc van Daele and Hans-Martijn Roos, we discuss how the financial sector can use AI and Data Analytics to address the difficulties in locating, collecting, processing and analyzing large volumes of data for a variety of financial use cases.

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AI en M&A: een gouden combinatie

De toepassing van kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) bij fusies & overnames is bezig aan een flinke opmars.
Bedrijven, advocatenkantoren en private equity investeerders zetten ‘robots’ in omdat ze goedkoper, nauwkeuriger en sneller werken dan de mens. 

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Discover eDiscovery

Technology is changing everything. Rediscover eDiscovery. 

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Automated redaction & pseudonymization for GDPR

GDPR created many new challenges for eDsicovery. Automate the process of redaction and pseudonymization to avoid mistakes.